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Mountain View Health and Wellness is in Lewiston's premiere location for top of line body services. We offer aesthetic services, IV services that have several benefits from pain management to increased energy and focus, non-invasive fat loss treatments as well as now offering Diamond Glow facials as well as skin care products!  We provide treatments that can help everyone become their best selves. Take care of your body and mind by booking any appointment today!

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Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive, Instasculpting uses Ultra Sonic Cavitation and RF to help break down fat cells and tighten skin. This treatment liquifies the contents of fat cells, which the body will naturally metabolize.

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We invite you to discover the endless benefits that IV Hydration therapy & Wellness has available for you! Through IV Therapy You can find treatments to help alleviate the symptoms of a variety of ailments that include: Migraines, fatigue, dehydration, immunity boost, weight loss, anti-aging, hangover recover and much more! 

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When you're happy with your skin, you feel more beautiful and confident. Let us help you find the right treatment for your skin with this award winning product!

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Experience DiamondGlow®—a next-level, noninvasive skin-resurfacing treatment, designed to work with SkinMedica® advanced skincare products. Together, they deliver radiant, healthy-looking skin.